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Post  gigglygirl on Sat Jul 26, 2008 6:49 pm

Raiding requirements: It is of vital importance to our progress, and as a result our enjoyment of raiding, that certain standard preparations be reliably completed.

1)Pre-raid time and how to use it: Ideally, players should be on 15 minutes prior to the start of invites. This time should be used to make sure you have: repaired; have reagents you will need; have a good number of consumables that will last throughout the raid. Upon arrival at the instance, you may review relevant tactics until official raid start.

2)During raid time behaviour: You are expected to focus during the entire raid and to perform to the best of your abilities. Please remember, that 25 man raids depend on every single member. Slacking at your assigned role within the raid will not be tolerated, as it negatively impacts upon everyone present. Every member should have the same goal, to enjoy good boss kills and pro attempts on new bosses. It is rude and disrespectful to not do your best for your fellow guild mates, or they for you. Our pve progress depends on both a good level of individual effort and good teamwork. Farming bosses is merely required but not our goal, our goal is new and exciting challenges. If we all keep this in mind, we shall farm the bosses we always farm effectively and reap the benefits on new content.

Some examples of unacceptable behaviour include: afking outside official breaks. Everything you need to have done should have been dealt with before raid time! If not, it can be dealt with on official raid breaks and not randomly as this slows our speed through instances and thusly slows our overall progress. Likewise, if you are attending a raid, you must stay for the full duration of that raid. (Only extreme circumstances will be considered for exception).

Another example of unacceptable behaviour results from how wipes are handled. Following a wipe, swift recovery is important. Corpse run immediately, begin fast ressing and rebuff as fast as possible when the raid is gathered. Poorly handled wipes lead to a lack of focus. Keep in mind that wipes will always happen! Do not complain about them, focus on preparing yourself for the next attempt. Consider what you can do to improve your performance for next time. If you have a suggestion, direct it to your classleader and he/she will then forward said suggestion to the other officers.

In terms of loot, remember that gearing the guild is more important than gearing individual players. For example, if you have an epic weapon and another drops which is a minor upgrade, consider whether another person in the raid would benefit more by replacing their blue weapon. Good loot distribution improves raid performance, which increases progress and leads to more and better loot.

General Guild Behaviour: What goes on outside or after raids is in many ways just as important as during. It is easy to begin a downhearted dissection of the most recent raid in guild chat, but it is not constructive. Guild chat should be used for helping other members and being social with your guild mates. If raids are discussed at all, it should focus on how to fix any previous mistakes and not on blaming anyone or needless whining.
If a dispute between guild members should emerge, do not have your fight or hurl insults in guild chat. At the end of the day, fights between guild mates are normally due to a number of factors and frustrations, which can be avoided through a mediator. Go to your classleader/s over such problems and failing that directly to the high council.
Outside behaviour is no less important. Remember you are a representative of our guild. We expect you to behave fairly in dealings with other horde on the server and not to cheat them out of money/mats. We do not want to hear about our members being rude to others unprovoked. We do not want to hear our members talking negatively about other horde guilds on the server. Likewise, if anyone wrongs one of our members we want to be made aware of it.

The Warning System: Breaching the rules of conduct for the guild will result in warnings being issued. For example, being afk outside the normal break times is no longer acceptable and will result in a warning. Leaving a raid early or repeatedly underperforming during a raid will result in a warning. Make yourselves familiar with the rules and try your best for the guild, and you need not worry about warnings. However, if three warnings are given to a member they will be removed from the guild as they have not put in the effort for themselves or for their supposed “guild mates”. Removal is our last option, we value all our members, but the guild must come first. Warnings degrade monthly, so if a month passes after a member is given a warning and no following warning is given, their record will be cleared. ( 1 warning = yellow card and 2 warning = red card and out)

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