Resto shaman that want to join

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Resto shaman that want to join

Post  haugumzo on Sat Aug 02, 2008 6:41 pm

- Name: Haugumzor
- Class: Shaman
- Professions: none
- Talent Build: 0/7/54
- Armory link:
- Play time:4 days 70

1. Why would you like to join Purple Pwnage? Because im looking for a guild to make progress with Smile

2. Do you play any other characters than the one that you are currently applying with? I play some on my 70 priest(haugum) some on my 70 warrior (dejli/jaednar).

3. Is the character(s) that you are playing on originally created by you? yes, it was a twink that i decided to lvl Smile

4. Which guild were you previously in and why did you leave or got removed from that guild?I was in Lifeforblood, i left because they never did anything.

5. Could you tell us a short bit about your previous PvE experience(s) in WoW? I am exalted with Violet eye on my priest and reverded on my warrior. ive done all 3 bosses ZA with my warr, gruul and magi.

6. Can anyone in the guild vouch for you? Kimmelim Very Happy

7. What Add ons do you use? I use standard shaman addons, totemus and some user interface shaman addons that got everything included (treath meter, dps/healing meter)

8. Are you willing to change your spec if the guild leaders think it's necessary? Yes, but i am the spec the guild needs atm so i hope that isnt necessary Smile

9. Do you have stable net connection?! Yes!

10. Have you read and understood the GUILD RULES ? yes

11. Tell us a bit about yourself (name, age, nationality). My name is Ole and im a 16 year old guy from Norway

12. Are you able to raid monday, tuesday, wednesday and sunday from 20.00-23+? yes

13. Are you willing to raid in the weekends (friday and saturday) 10 mans? jepp, thats the best days for me, because im always on Lan then Very Happy

14. Might there be any future reason for you not being able to raid on these days? If some one i know die i think i would have to skip a day Surprised

15. you have ventrilo, and understand english good? yes i have it and i understand and speak english good Smile


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Resto shaman that want to join

Post  Zantrol on Sat Aug 02, 2008 8:03 pm

iam sry but i wil say you gear isent good enougt but now iam not class leader or officer but go join a kara guild instead for that guild here you need kara gear and up you gear is blue and green and 3-4 epic isent enogut for this guild here but GL to fin a guild not my order so let os see what the officer wil say



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Re: Resto shaman that want to join

Post  Kimmelim on Sat Aug 02, 2008 11:09 pm

But we go Kara 1-2 times a week, he can join there and get better gear.
And we need healer and he has alot of expirence in many raids, and I know him IRL so he can help us Smile Smile


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Hey :) .

Post  Yellowbull(champ) on Sun Aug 03, 2008 12:42 am

Hey , lets get to it.

Being the Shaman classleader i have the responsability of your apply .
And being very lazy i did not check your gear on Armory because of missing link .

So if you wanna join , add me as member to your friendlist and lets meet and i inspect you and stuff like that .

And if possible then get most enchants before /w me .. it gives lots of bonuses from my side if ppl wanna get the best out of their gear. And being resto myself i know what enchants you need ;P .

Cheers , Yellowbull the shaman classleader.


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Re: Resto shaman that want to join

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