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Post  Admin on Sun Jun 29, 2008 10:12 pm

Rules of Purple Pwnage.

Dedication? What's that?
Basically we want people who're dedicated, this means: Full enchants, proper gems, signing up to raids and showing up in time.

Remember if u Dont play be the rules u are gone.

1. Shut up on ventrilo unless you got something important to say.

2. If we wipe no one talks trash. We just learn. If you leave the raid becaus of wipes (make the famuros dc) you will be warnede and end up with a g-kick

3. Remember to have fun while raiding but still be serious.

4. Always be prepared for raids. That means you have pots/flasks/food/etc ready before the raid, you have repaired before the raid starts and stand ready on the raid spot.

5. Keep the guild chat in English since we aren't all from the same country.

6. Be polite. No trash talk in the guild chat, take it in whispers. If you have a problem with a guild m8 talk to an officer/classleader/gm to get help to solve this out.

7. Loot rules after priority: main spec, offspec. (Hardcore Raider, member, trial and alt)

8. We use vent in raids, and goes for all raids kara ect... if you dont use vent you will get 1 warning and if you still dont use it you will be kicked

9. No matter what, Rafty won't and can't be kicked... (family troubles)

10. if you wanna do pug kara ect and dont info rafty, gigglygirl ore yellowbull about it you will be kick asap, to team up whit pug will only be tolareted if the guild dont need you that week ore fx. on a tuesday night, but not on a reset day ore what so ever.

11. Sign up on the forum for raids, if you dont you wont have a save spot, that mean you wont be sure to come to the raid if fx. 25 have signet for gruul, and you are online whining in the guild over inv to the raid, we will only inv you if we cant get the raid filled out.

12. If you go afk for over 1 week whitout telling a officer/class leader ore write it on the forum under afk you will be kick!

13. I know you heard this thing called "Rules are meant to be broken", this does not apply to the above, violating these rules may lead to your resignment from this guild.

14. Main char signing up for raids will walways have prio over alt char to join the raid, unless we are in a big need for that char


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